Welcome to Tobacco World Smoke Shop

Tobacco World Smoke Shop is the newest Head Shop store in the Memphis area. Whether you are an experienced vaper, a smoker who’s looking for a safer alternative, or a newbie who wants to give e-cigarettes a try, Tobacco World Smoke Shop is the Head Shop store with everything you need, from electronic cigarettes in a variety of shapes and sizes to a full range of e-juice flavors for your vaping pleasure. All e-liquids made in the U.S.A. We also carry a wide variety of water pipes and glass hand pipes. We also carry Stash Cans, Lighters, Grinders, Pipes, Water Pipes, Hookahs, Hookah Tobacco, Cigarettes, Rolling Paper, and Wraps. Stop in today or check our online store for our latest products. Thanks from the team at Tobacco World Smoke Shop. 

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